Do not rely on ABS brakes, many brothers have had to regret it


Although the ABS brake will help the car brake more safely, it is not exactly a “kill card” for you to depend on.

Currently, ABS brakes have gradually appeared more on new motorcycle models, not only high-end models but also popular motorcycle models have this equipment.

Use it to put your brakes on abs many brothers and sisters 2

Simply put, ABS brakes will help the car minimize wheel slip when braking sharply, by regulating the brake force continuously with a frequency of about 100 times / second, thereby avoiding many falls. on the road. The braking distance is also shortened for less skilled operators.

However, many car users today are thinking of relying on the ABS brake system , seeing it as a device to help stop the car in time no matter what situation. So many people have also suffered enough consequences.

From relying on cars with ABS brakes, many brothers drove faster, refused to keep their distance, every time they encountered a situation where they needed to slow down, they just waited to get close and then squeeze all the brakes and entrust everything to ABS.

please use the brakes on the abs many brothers and sisters

It is the above actions that have cost many brothers, because ABS does not always help the car to brake in time, and then it is inevitable that crashing into the car in front or slipping due to the road is too slippery.

For many motorcycle models such as Air Blade, Vario, Freego, Winner X, NVX 155 … currently only equipped with ABS brakes on the front wheel, so if the brakes are urgent on the rear wheel, it is likely to still be damaged. slip out of control and fall as usual.

In fact, being safe in traffic depends only on driving skills, good compliance with traffic laws and also a little luck. No matter how good the technology is, if the driver is poor, the car will crash as usual.